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The 10 Most Cesarean-Happy States in the U.S.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been gathering data on total cesarean rates for several decades. Total cesarean (or C-section) rates, which are all cesareans divided by all live births, don’t tell much of a story beyond overall trends and geographic differences in use of the cesarean.


Now, CDC publishes low risk cesarean rates, also known as NTSV cesarean rates.

N= Nulliparous, or first-time moms

T= Term pregnancy

S= Singleton (not twins, triplets or more)

V= Vertex, meaning the baby was head-down


The Leapfrog Group recently published hospital NTSV c-section rates for their participating hospitals.


So where is it hardest to get a vaginal birth in a hospital? Check out this slideshow of the 10 Most Cesarean-Happy States in the U.S. and see if your state is included.


Based on 2014 preliminary data




Tennessee had a 28.3% low risk c-section rate in 2014, up from 26.8% in 2013. The state’s total cesarean rate was 33.7%. The most recent VBAC data for Tennessee shows that 10.7% of women with a previous cesarean gave birth vaginally in 2013. 

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