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Amy's Stories- 9 lbs., 14 oz. & 9 lbs., 3 oz.- Home

Baby #3

9 lbs., 14 oz.

21 inches long

15 inch head


Baby #4

9lbs., 3oz.

21 ¾ inches long,

14.5 inch head


Mother's Height: 5'1" (normally 100 lbs.)


How was your pregnancy?
Baby #3 Gestational Diabetes controlled by diet but otherwise very healthy
Baby #4 Very healthy


How did you feel about your upcoming birth?
Very excited


Description of your birth experience:
With Baby #3 and #4- The birth experiences were fabulous, both home births were with midwives. No episiotomies (which I had with baby #1 in a hospital and she was only 7lbs., 11oz.), No tearing (I tore with baby #2 in a hospital and he weighed only 7lbs., 8oz.). I birthed on hands and knees with baby #3 and side lying with baby #4, each took me about 3-4 pushes before baby entered the world.

How did you feel after the birth (first month)?
Right after birth of baby #3 and 4 I felt great, like I never even gave birth!  The whole first month I was healthy, lost weight rapidly, stopped bleeding by week #2, breastfed easily. All around positive experiences.


How did you feel six months after the birth? One year? Now?
Great, great and great. I just gave birth to baby #4, 3 weeks ago and feel very healthy.



What did you learn from this birth?
That midwives, home birth, no medical intervention are empowering and best for mother and baby. I also learned that a rather petite woman can very easily give birth to a rather large baby!


Any words of wisdom to impart?
I am a petite woman, and people cannot believe that I birthed two babies over 9 lbs, easily, quickly (both labor and pushing, less than 2 hours), without any sort of intervention whatsoever, "not even a Tylenol" (as my husband so eloquently states it).

Moral of the story is that women CAN birth babies…even big babies!! People telling them that they can't need to be stopped. Our bodies are miraculous and strong, capable of so much more than we realize…until we do it!

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