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Lindsey's Story- 9 lbs., 2 oz.- Hospital

9 lbs., 2 oz.

21 inches long

Head circumference of 36.5cm (chest measure 36cm as well)

Hospital (in Ontario)

Mother's Height: 5'2"

My name is Lindsey and this is the story of my second labour and delivery experience. My pregnancy was rough pretty much right from the start, we were pregnant with twins and lost one due to a major fall, I had extremely low blood pressure and was put on bedrest at 15 weeks. I went into preterm labour at 26 weeks (which had happened with my previous pregnancy as well) but luckily it was stopped and I ended up carrying to term. I had a lot of complications but being my second pregnancy I was confident that things would be ok. I had a drug-free hospital birth with my 7lbs 8oz daughter, Paisley,and was expecting the same thing this time around. I was nervous about making it to the hospital because my first birth was a mere 6 hours and we live over an hour and a half from the hospital. I also got into a few debates with my OB (who was not my primary care giver, my family doctor was) about the size of the baby. I kept insisting he was going to be large and he kept insisting he would be no bigger than 7.5lbs.

Up until my due date I was very against inductions but I started to consider it, as long as no drugs were put into my bloodstream and my water was not broken. I went to the hospital four days overdue and had cervidol put in, which is to 'ripen' ones cervix. Six hours later I was put on the monitor and they werent getting the babies heartbeat properly so I had to hang out there. After a few hours my mom showed up at the hospital and my husband went out to breakfast with his family and thats when all the action started. My first contraction was at 10:45am, as my husband was leaving, my mom and I were sitting in the labouring area just chatting with me all hooked up to the machines and the doctor came in to talk about what the next step would be in the induction 'process'. I refused any drugs and told him to just "Let it ride" for a bit. At 11am (with a loud 'POP!') my water broke. The nurses came in and helped me get changed and went to move me down the hall to a birthing room. I skipped down the halls, dancing and laughing all while having regular contractions (five minutes apart at this point) and my husband returned to the hospital. We got to the birthing room and started taking bets about what time the baby would be born at and everyone else said after 3pm and I stood firm at before 1:30. So the next bit is pretty boring with me sitting around chatting with people and then feeling a contraction coming on. I would breath slowly allow myself to start smiling when I felt my contraction peak. The nurses thought I was hilarious and said I was the only one they ever had who skipped down the halls and smile through hard labour.

At noon I was checked and was 4cm dilated and then I was checked again at 12:50 and I was 8cm. I really wanted to get things moving (and I really wanted to win the bet) so I decided to go sit on the toilet to help my body relax and to bring the baby down. My husband and a nurse helped me to the bathroom and I instantly felt the need to push, by this time it was 1:15. While walking back to the bed I was laughing and saying "I win guys!". But even with joking around I was starting to realize that no matter how much my doctor had tried to convince me, he was wrong. The feeling in my pelvis was overwhelming and I knew this baby was big, I was told that my baby was two inches up in my birth canal and would be out in about half an hour if I pushed really well. I layed down on the bed and with one push I instantly felt that familiar burn, I wasnt really listening to what the nurses were saying so I pushed again and they all started yelling at me to stop. I hadnt realized but with the first push a third of his head had came out and the doctor was nowhere to be found. They grabbed a resident that was walking down the hall and he washed his hands and threw on his gloves. At this point I stopped having contractions and just continued my breathing, I actually put my feet down on the bed. The doctor showed up a minute later while the resident was trying to hold me together and a nurse was holding his head in. They held him there for 6 minutes trying to get my body to stretch naturally but it just wasnt happening, I had already tore up into my urethra, and down almost to my anus. My right labia was nearly tore off and I tore across my left as well. At that point I asked the doctor to give me an episiotomy, I think my exact words were "Just get him out of me!" so he cut me and in one more push I guided my sons head out. I then reached down while the doctor made sure his cord wasnt around his neck and then with one more push I pulled my son to my chest, the time of delivery was 1:25pm. This put my entire labour at Two hours and 40 minutes, which made me happy to be induced because I definately wouldnt have made it to the hospital in time.

I needed a lot of stitches to repair my tears and episiotomy but I surprisingly healed quicker and easier than I did with my daughter (who I just had an episiotomy with). We had a rough go at first because of the quick birth, our son, who we named Nevin, was in the NICU for four days due to his sugar levels plumeting after his cord was cut, but physically we both were fine. My brothers were all large babies weighing in at 9lbs, 9.5lbs and 10.5lbs, I always wondered how my mom did it but I know now that it isnt any more difficult. I actually preferred giving birth to my son because of his larger size because my body had an overwhelming feeling of urgency to get him out. I would also like to add that I was not a typical age when having my kids, I was 18 when I had my daughter and 21 when I had my son. Both were completely drug free and unassisted (meaning I delivered them). Nevin is now three months old and is thriving. He weighs in at 19.5lbs and is exclusively breastfed, which I believe has helped with my recovery as well. I have scars both inside and out and intercourse isnt as comfortable as it used to be just because of the pain but it will get easier in time Im sure. I had an amazing experience and I wish that more people could understand that this is what womens bodies were designed to do!! Convenience for a doctor does not mean its easier or healthier or safer for you or your baby.







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