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Get The Shape of a Mother on Oprah!

If you’re like me, you don’t miss a post on The Shape of a Mother. You feel relieved to see women sharing how motherhood has affected their bodies. You feel happy that there is at least one corner of the universe in which women honor and celebrate each other regardless of whether they meet cultural standards of quickly erasing all evidence of having been pregnant from their physique or not. Usually, it’s “not.”

Bonnie Crowder, creator of The Shape of a Mother, wrote:

The Shape of a Mother has been featured in the media worldwide, but has received less attention here in my own US than in other countries. My friends have started a campaign to get the site featured on Oprah, by writing letters and passing the idea on. I feel awkward promoting myself like this, but it really isn’t me - it’s for women in general. Please join this group, pass on the message, and write a letter if you feel inclined.

Louise Redknapp interviewed Bonnie and friends in January, featuring the interview and site in a three-part series on British station ITV1.


Oprah is on Twitter now (@Oprah) and her bio reads “Live Your Best Life.” Life would be better for all women if we didn’t feel pressured to measure up to unrealistic standards, especially during the time in our lives when tiny people depend on our bodies for nourishment.

Let’s get The Shape of a Mother (and dear Bonnie) on Oprah!


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