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Do You Have a Fax or a Phone? Can You Please Use Them Today?!

Change the World Today in Five Easy Steps Today or Tomorrow Only

Step 1: Print out the following .pdf version of the image below (unless you can confirm that your representative or their assistant has bionic eyes and can read the 2 pt font below). Download briefing flyer from The Big Push for Midwives site.


Step 2: Fax flyer to your representative and tell them to please go!  Call or e-mail if you don’t have a fax machine.  What’s your rep’s fax number? Click here and look for this…


Step 3: Send this action item to your friends and all of those people on Facebook that you call friends but that you really don’t know.


Step 4: Sit back and pat yourself on the back for your hard work and activism. Drink iced tea.


Step 5: Enjoy the feeling of inner joy over the remaining years of your life that comes from knowing that you helped improve the state of maternity care in the U.S.


It’s really only TWO SIMPLE STEPS if you don’t include your reflecting on your own awesomeness.  If you need a place to brag that you PRINTED and FAXED this today (or caled or e-mailed), feel free to comment here.




 “Seriously. Do it.”


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