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Response to 'Mom who really didn't and doesn't have a choice'

I am posting this in the hopes that the woman who took the time to leave this comment returns to see if anyone responded.


Comment left by “Mom who really didn’t and doesn’t have a choice”

I think you also need to show the other side of c sects I had to have an emergency Csec after 36 hours of labor and no progress and my sons heart rate dropping to 5 beatsa min beacuse he couldn;t handle the stress! My 2 ended up also being a csec. They found I COULDn’t naturally deliver due to unforseen complications! So there are those of us who REALLY need them and DO NOt do them by choice or DRs conveinence. I would have LOVED to expereince a natural birth but it is not in the cards for me. So you do have to bear that in mind also if you are goingto be a truly informative sight to give people ALL theinformation!


My reply:


Hi “Mom”,


There is nothing here that is disrespectful of the need for emergency c-sections or the women who need them. If you check out the “About and Contact” page, you can read more of what the site is about, okay? It’s not anti-cesarean or some kind of shaming mechanism for women who need or want c-sections.


When you say you think this site should have “ALL the information,” what are you referring to? What would you like to see here? I’d love it if you would share your feedback. I don’t believe that there is any need to show more of “the other side of c sects”, as that information is available at the drop of a hat from doctors, published pregnancy literature and probably on TLC right now on the popular show “A Baby Story.” I guess you could call this another side of the other side of c-sections.


If there is one aspect that is niched out here, it’s giving women who do still have a “choice” between a) scheduling a c-section for allegedly valid medical reasons and b) just going ahead and giving birth vaginally some evidence-based information to work with in their decision making process along with some birth stories (anecdotal information). Vaginal birth after a previous c-section is safe in most cases contrary to what most doctors tell their patients. Scheduled c-sections for suspected large babies, especially in low-risk, first time moms are totally bogus and not based on a shred of medical evidence. If there were an accurate way to predict a) the size of a baby and b) whether baby will experience injury, then it would be wise to schedule that c-section. Until that crystal ball is developed, spontaneous vaginal delivery remains the safest birth to for which to plan and some women are into that.


It sounds like maybe you’re running into some nutters who are giving you a hard time about having had an emergency c-section or scheduling a repeat section? I hope you tell them to mind their own effing business! We all should have the right to weigh risks and make our own decisions. Some women feel that vaginal birth will be safer for them and have a hell of a time finding doctors who will attend their birth and want to be at least somewhat versed in the wide body of current scientific evidence supporting their decision. If a woman’s doctor recommends an elective repeat c-section and she agrees that it is the safest for her to bring her child into the world, then she will in most cases be well-supported by her doctor, the hospital and the risk-averse medical climate in the U.S. and beyond, rendering the information on this site largely uninteresting and irrelevant.


I am always open to feedback so please let me know what you would like to see. You are welcome to share your birth story if you would like.





I am closing comments on this post in case any of the aforementioned nutters feel it might be entertaining or gratifying to come and berate this woman. Thank you for understanding.



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