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Bill Cosby on Childbirth

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How many maternity care providers in their early forties watched The Cosby Show back in the day and envisioned a future with a perfect family and as many outrageous, multi-colored sweaters as money can buy just like Dr. Cliff Huxtable?

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Reader Comments (4)

And to think my husband was watching "Natural Childbirth" by Bill Cosby just a few hours ago. Ha ha ha!

October 25, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterLaura--The Sushi Snob

Is that Wallace Shawn around 7 mins? Inconceivable!

October 25, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterDou-la-la

This sent me into labor with my first. I laughed myself into contractions. Hehahehahehaheha puuush puuuush

October 26, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterBecca


October 27, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterKatherine Anderson
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