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February Travel (with Pictures)

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By Jill Arnold


I just returned in the wee hours of Monday morning from a week of travel while working a remote 20-plus hour a week job, tending to the blog (I’ll never tell how many hours I spend on it weekly but you can measure it by volume in coffee grounds), trying to focus long enough to draft an abstract, working on a PowerPoint presentation and not seeing much of Atlanta.

In spite of living in what felt like finals week, I loved Atlanta. Then I arrived in South Florida on Thursday and loved South Florida. As I reflect on all of my travels in life, though, I’m having a hard time trying to remember if the place where I found myself wasn’t always the BEST place I’ve ever been. I seem to remember driving through some absolute shitholes in Arizona while on “vacation” as a kid, but that might have been confounded by the fact that we were stuck four in a row in an old Chevy Silverado… because you should definitely make sure you’re pressed up against other people in a big metal box when it’s 112 degrees.

What makes travel interesting for me is the people I meet along the way, which exercises an undue influence on my opinion of that region. From the lovely Jamaican auntie who decided to walk up and hug a stranger, to the guy at the hotel whose dad served in the same branch of the military in the same year and in the same now-closed base as mine (and how that came up in our dinner conversation I have no idea), to Miriam, the CPM (Comedic Professional Midwife), to Hilary, whose caffeinated, fast-talking presence immediately synced up with my own, to Elizabeth and her unbelievable ability to report news without stumbling on a single word, to sweet Betsy and her gorgeous mother, who stunned me when she rounded the corner looking and sounding just like the woman from Biloxi who I had known as my grandmother since before I could remember and to whom I never got to say goodbye last year before she was lost in a sea of hospice drugs, to Chuck, who confirmed my suspicion that he is something of a visionary… I am grateful to have had the privilege to meet their acquaintance and that of everyone else I met last week, too. The pleasure truly was all mine.

I’m usually not a huge fan of looking through people’s travel pictures, but I thought I’d share some in case anyone does actually enjoy looking through other people’s pictures. I took the liberty of trying to make them at least a little more interesting than the typical line-up and pasted in the option to comment through your Facebook account if that interests you. You can click through the pictures by the numbers at the top.

February travel photo gallery



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