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Monday Open Thread

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Today’s open thread is hosted by bananas.

What’s going on out there? Any baby’s due? What projects are you working on?




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Reader Comments (38)

No babies due here, but we have an ICAN meeting Saturday....super excited! :)

May 2, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMelek


May 2, 2011 | Registered CommenterJill

No babies due, too afraid to get preggers thanks to my section almost 2 years ago. But I've got a bunch of cute woolies that i am finishing knitting. you can check out some of them here http://www.myknoodleknits.com

May 2, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterChristine

In all my trying to avoid the chaos and craziness...it's what I've wound up with, again.sigh whether it's life or birth. Gotta make ya wonder what the hell I'm doing wrong or right who knows? end of vent that is all

May 2, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterSelena

No babies due here either, but am working on a project (as described on your Facebook status, in fact, but I like talking about it!).

This is my project:


May 2, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJane Woodley

A friend is nearing the end of her pregnancy (1st baby) and hasn't attended a childbirth class yet. Also, she's picked a intervention-happy hospital with a high c/s rate because her husband isn't comfortable with home birth. She says she's not worried, she's relying on me and a family friend who was her mother's midwife (but as far as I've been able to discern, no longer catches babies) to doula her. I'm trying not to worry about her, but I can't help it.

Some good news: she's healthy, her nutrition is spot-on, they couldn't saddle her with a GD dx (although they tried really hard)... She seems to be gestating in peace, more or less.

May 2, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterDonna

Doula Source Ontario - a new community website designed to help families find labour and postpartum doulas to meet their needs, and allow local doulas to network with others



This is my new project, I wanted to create a community site that could connect all of my on-line friends and colleagues. I'm supporting the idea with a website, a facebook page and twitter. Doula Source does not require any memberships or fees, and provides free on-line business listings for all Ontario doulas by region. I am excited to think of the potential for the site as it gets up and running, and would love to chat with anyone else familiar with similar community-type sites for ideas on what resources or applications would be good to add as I develop the site.

It's a labour of love at the moment, something I am working on in my (not so) spare time, but after only one week, there are already over 30 businesses who have added listings, and more getting added each day! I would love to send out an invitation to any Ontario, Canada Doulas to add their business listings too!

Thanks everyone!

Laura Armstrong
Vital Mother - Labour and Postpartum Doula

My town (Ringgold, GA) was torn up by an F4 tornado last Wednesday evening. The complete destruction is a mere mile from where my house is. I feel so lucky to still have my house standing and my family safe and sound. Life here has felt like it's at a standstill in so many ways while the world just continues on around us as if nothing happened. So strange. I don't know how or when Ringgold will be able to recover from this. It's very overwhelming. I'll hopefully be a part of at least 2 benefit concerts in the near future to help with it, but it'll be a drop in the bucket. This has kind of taken front and center in our lives right now. But I'm sure I'll be back onto birthy stuff again soon enough.

May 2, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterRebecca James

My project for the last 5 years has been Mom's Breastaurant. It's a non-profit I started after a friend was ejected from a local strawberry festival for the crime of putting up an 'unauthorized booth' in order to nurse her daughter in the shade. She was in the parking lot, seated next to her car, over which she had erected a small canopy. When she told her story I realized that the issue was not NIP, but the 'unauthorized' nature of the 'booth' and decided that the answer was an authorized booth. MB was born from that. We believe that to be truly family-friendly an event must be infant friendly, because families start with infants. Our purpose is to help events become family-friendly, and to help families with small children participate in outdoor community events. To that end, I've taken the booth, complete with a diaper changing table, comfortable chairs, fans/heaters (depending on weather), nursing pillows, and a toddler table/chairs so older sibs can be occupied with coloring or clay while mom and dad care for baby to more than 60 events in 8 states. We don't charge anything, just asking for the space in which to set up. Donations are always welcome :) This year we expanded beyond my booth in CA to add booths in WA, CO, SD, NY, SC and MN. At present we're involved in the Chase Community Giving contest, hoping to drum up enough votes to get into the top 100 by the end of the day on 5/4 (only 2 more days!). Securing a spot in the top 100 will guarantee MB a share in the prize donation money, allowing us to finance further expansion so we can bring our 'infant care stations' to more events in more states. Please take a moment to vote for Mom's Breastaurant! http://tinyurl.com/3pr6ddj

Thanks for the opportunity to bend the collective ear of the fans and followers of the Unnecesarean with this shameless self promotion! :)

May 2, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterNonie Veccia

Hi! I’ve started a blog about being plus size and pregnant (http://plussizemommymemoirs.blogspot.com/). I remember reading and being told that I had a higher chance of having a c-section because of my weight. I empowered myself by hiring a doula and switching from an OB to a Midwife. I want to empower plus size women to educate themselves about their options during birth and to not feel limited due to their size. I appreciate all of the information you provide on your blog/Facebook!

Best wishes!

May 2, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJen
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