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(Late) Monday Open Thread

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By ANaturalAdvocate


Sorry I’m late, guys. This Monday’s open thread is brought to you by the letter E, because silent e is a ninja. Take it where you will. 



Video courtesy of pbs.org and The Electric Company, which is rad.


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Reader Comments (8)

I just woke up teary because we had to put my dog down last night. He was 13 and suffering horribly all day, I got him in college after my boyfriend (now husband) broke up with me before Christmas... but that first spammy comment made me laugh pretty hard!

July 26, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterVanessa Manz

Vanessa Manz: I'm so sorry to hear about your pup. I know it's a part of owning pets, but I already dread the day when we have to talk about humane options for our cats. I'm glad you got a little laugh at least, even at a bad spambot.

July 26, 2011 | Registered CommenterANaturalAdvocate

Sorry about the puppy Vanessa :( I remember the last time we had to put a pet down, I was inconsolable even though it was for the best.

So my sister had her baby. Her water broke Friday afternoon and she ended up having her Saturday morning. She did have her vaginally but with a 3rd-degree tear (numb from the waist down, dead beetle position). She has no problems with how things went, and that's the important thing, but the whole experience reminded me of why I have my babies at home.

July 26, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterLisa

I had a wonderful, wonderful first consultation with a potential client on Sunday night! I feel like even if they don't hire me I still want to be in their lives ;-)! I have to thank my midwife, Tosi, of Birthstream Midwifery Service for recommending me! :-) I hope it pans out. I haven't attended a birth since I was pregnant with Simone. I want to get back on the horse.

I am nervous about how I am going to to do it though. Simone only breastfeeds from the breast. Never had a bottle or cup. I am going to buy a pump this weekend, but still don't know how it will all work out. Hopeful though.

July 26, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterpatrice

So coming late to this, but my workplace firewall blocked the ninja "e" for content policy issues. I will HAVE to look up this "e" at home now.

July 26, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAnne

patrice: Yay on the lead! How old is Simone? My daughter never took a bottle or cup until the first time I *had* to be away from her, and then she sorted it all out (well, sorted cups out, bottles are dumb forever to her). Hope to you and the little one!

Anne: Oh good grief, it's from PBS! Content...maybe because it's a ninja? Violence r bad, you know. It'll turn a cap into cape. ;)

July 26, 2011 | Registered CommenterANaturalAdvocate

Hi Anne. I've heard that the site is blocked as porn by some company's filters. How many times can you say vaginal before you're marked as porny?

July 26, 2011 | Registered CommenterJill

Jill: I thought porn was more prone to "honeypot" and the like, though? ;)

July 26, 2011 | Registered CommenterANaturalAdvocate
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