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Jill Arnold and Bianca Wooden Interviewed on SuperTalk Mississippi Radio

On February 29, 2012, Bianca Wooden of Mississippi Friends of Midwives and I did an interview with Paul Gallo of SuperTalk Mississippi. The 14 minute interview is here (credit to SuperTalk’s Paul Gallo Show). I was concerned about going on a conservative talk show radio, mostly because of that whole steel cage wrestling “two men enter, one man leaves” thing and I didn’t want to have to be the liberal emerging from the cage covered in blood. It ended up being a lovely interview broadcast to the entire state.

In conjunction with the interview, I prematurely launched the new blog to cover basic Mississippi data. There will be more of these on a regular basis for all states in due time.

I met some people at the press conference that I have “known” online for awhile

Laura from Our Messy, Messy Life. I stole this pic from her and it makes me happy.

Midwife Tera Smith:


Midwives Renata Hillman and Norma Clark:


There’s a long story here but I’m not telling it.


Let me save you a road trip in Mississippi. It all looks like this. Just add a Waffle House sign in the distance.


Or this. Always nice to take a road trip and find out later there was a tornado warning.

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