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Informed Choice, Community and Pregnancy


A lovely comment on the Facebook page that is a) awesome (because new baby!) and b) shows how important it is for patients to have medical information about preference-sensitive conditions explained to them and to make their own decision along with a supportive care provider and c) demonstrates that online communities can be very important.


I’m pleased to announce the birth of my son on July 5th at 4:05am. He was 6lbs 10oz 19in long at 37 weeks and perfectly healthy. I thought I would get to make this announcement on my favorite mommy/birth pages including that it was a VBAC after my Unnecesarean 3 years ago. Instead I get to announce that I had a medically necessary C-section in which my VBAC friendly OB came to the hospital at 3am, when he was NOT on call, to explain the pre-eclampsia blood work to me. He discussed the process of induction and my specific situation, condition, and risk factors. He told me the truth that No it was not an emergency yet and did not push as my husband and I made an informed choice. He performed the C-section and as he was sewing up my uterus in two separate layers he told me that just 5 days ago he attended another VBA2C. I’m grateful for the information and support I have gained from my mommy/birth pages that helped me to have an informed and empowered birth. I hope I get to announce the birth of number 3 as a VBA2C. Thank you all.

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