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Friday, April 24, 2015 at 7:40PM

If you only read one sentence: I’m curating a weekly list of articles about maternity care, data transparency, health care costs and patient safety via TheUnnecesarean URL and I’d love if you would subscribe to that feed or via e-mail.


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I stopped blogging on The Unnecesarean in 2012. The site maintained some decent traffic considered the fact that no one touched it for years, thanks in part to the time you all spent writing essays in the comment sections. I wrote some articles on (articles now here— but it made more sense to focus on the data. Like many of us, I relied on Facebook to share articles. At some point, Facebook killed organic reach by only showing posts to a small fraction of followers unless the page owner ponies up.

Meanwhile, I finally got tired of paying for two web sites to be hosted so I moved to Blogger to save $220 a year and imported the blog to The Unnecesarean. became mobile-friendly, which is nice, but the move killed A LOT of backlinks and Google stopped taking the site as seriously. It wasn’t page-rank suicide but it was an e-hobbling for sure.

This new weekly list of articles won’t be as weird or fun or impassioned or photoshopped as the original blog, but it will be great if you want some interesting articles to show up in your inbox weekly. I’ll include an option for advertising if you have anything you’d like to peddle. The Google ads on there are fairly pathetic but every now and then more than one person a day clicks on an ad and know that I’ve financed a pack of gum for the week, which feels nice.

I look forward to sending you reading material!


Jill Arnold


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