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Louisiana Hospital Cesarean Rates, 2012

Louisiana was the first state (not including territories) to ever report more than 40% of births occurring by cesarean. Final CDC data showed that 40.2% of babies were delivered by c-section.

Racial breakdown was as follows: 41.4% white, 39.4% black and 37.4% Hispanic, which includes all persons of Hispanic origin of any race. The total percentage of 40.2% includes races other than white and black and origin not stated.

Louisiana Hospital Association recently updated its site which includes hospital pricing information, including pricing on obstetric procedures.

Two childbirth-related diagnostic related groups were not included because they are uncommon. The hospital rates seen on this page are either not affected at all or slightly inflated. Please read about what it means when DRGs 767 and 768 are not included in calculations. In this case, the overall 2012 total cesarean rate calculated using Louisiana Hospital Inform data is 40.99%, only 8/10 of a percentage point higher than the rate of 40.2% reported by CDC.

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