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Issue 6, May 29, 2015



The intersection of maternity care, data transparency, health care costs and patient safety in a weekly curated list of articles of interest.

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What to Elect When You’re Expecting

Group says employers should consider intervening before their pregnant employees elect to have riskier early deliveries.



In America, inequality begins in the womb

What better opportunity to start “doing better than that” and break the vicious cycle of poverty and inequality than during that miraculous nine months in the womb that separates conception from birth.




International Day of Action for Women’s Health: Obstetric Violence

Obstetric violence is a specific type of violation of women’s rights, including the rights to equality, freedom from discrimination, information, integrity, health, and reproductive autonomy. It occurs both in public and private medical practice during health care related to pregnancy, childbirth, and post-partum and is a multi-factorial context of institutional and gender violence.



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“Obstetric Violence” Introduced as a New Legal Term in Venezuela


We Need More Nurses




Doctoring, Without the Doctor        

Nurses say their aim is not to go it alone, which is rarely feasible in the modern age of complex medical care, but to have more freedom to perform the tasks that their licenses allow without getting a permission slip from a doctor — a rule that they argue is more about competition than safety. They say advanced-practice nurses deliver primary care that is as good as that of doctors, and cite research that they say proves it.




How One Supermarket Chain Is Tackling Health-Care Costs

Mike Dendy, chief executive of Advanced Medical Pricing Solutions, a Georgia-based company that helps Bashas’ recover any unwarranted charges on a contingency basis, argues that the relationship between hospitals and insurers is both too cozy and opaque. He alleges that toothbrushes can cost $1,000 or more and both insurers and hospitals are gaming the system




‘Less Is More’: The Next Big Thing for Medicine

If the doctor just says no, what does the patient hear?

When billionaire-entrepreneur-Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban lobbed a Tweet in early April advising his followers to have their blood tested “for everything available” every 3 months, he probably didn’t expect to unleash a Twitterspheric debate on medical overuse.




An American Self-Made Woman: Mary West And Her Quest To Lower Healthcare Costs

The Wests also set up a $100 million fund (entirely their money) to invest in digital health start-ups that deploy technology to potentially make health care more efficient and save money.



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